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Blues' Paradisa Activity July 2013 -


With Chell on Halloween Costume Troubles

Blues Post Announcing Chie's Gone

On York Leaving

Blues annoys Sherlock

Blues just wants to see Church get hurt, is that so much to ask?

With Rinzler

Coversation with Cass

Connor Y U hang out in Pumpkins?

Blues and Ellie on Guitars

Blues doesn't like cosplay.

Sheena's back

Sub Titles for Paradisa

With Cloud on clouds

Conversation with Molly

Conversation with Silva

Tesla isn't quite what he was expecting.

Zoey's Intro

With Wade on Castle Holidays

This will never get confusing

Blues and Robo Chie

Talk with Equius

Gonna throw pears

Blues and Wade on the Halloween Ball

Blues and Mal in Death Match


Chat with Rinzler

Blues has someone to blame for his stint as a human.

On regrets

Giving Tucker a hard time

Toboe is weird

Talk with Sherlock

Music with Jane

He hates being human

Magic experiments with Duke

Talk with Luke

Meeting Phoenix Wright

On Addictions

On Loss Changes

Blues totally knows retro tech

Danny has thermos problems!


Oh snap! Once-ler found out Blues was lying!

Blues lies to Once-ler

Names for Chell's dog

What's the harm in looking at a tree?

Waking up in Tokyo -Off Loss

W&W talk with Tim

Throw down with Mal.

Infiltrating your A.I. Filters Tex

York should cosplay

Going to make something for The Doctor

Raiden will be the best fake magician ever.

Once-ler's Mommy is gone.

Chat with Dumbledore

Robots don't get tans London

Ezio should be Shade Man

Danny's confused by a happy Blues

Offering to guard M

Talk with Cass

Talk with Sheena

Pointing Raiden in the direction of a job

Saying he'll go to the awesome party (He never did)

Snarking at Mituna

Post - Loss Start
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Blues' Paradisa Activity January 2013 - June 2013


Luke and Blues finally run into each other again

Lorax needs some help

In San Diego with Evan

Talking with Will

Blues post, looking for people who can do music

Conversation with Sunny

Running from Dinos with Church

Amusement Park with Chie

Wandering out into town with Chell

Blues Fathers Day Log

InGen Camp with Cass

InGen Camp with Church

InGen Camp with Ino

On Plants with the Lorax

Talking with North about the race.

Snarking with Reborn

Mildmay stole Blues' scarf

So Danny... I hear you're a ghost.

Blues and Ted after the Race

Steampunk Race

You complain too much Chie

His fav place is where he died.

Pestering Human Church

Rise and Blues are sad about Sophie being gone.

Blues wonders if the dead zone is like Lan Front

Blues and Brock on the Steam Punk Race

Kicking Yotsuba

Conversation with Violet

Blues offer to fix a jukebox

Blues Once and Tim on naming and test driving their vehicle.

Meeting Elizabeth

Blues and Shego in Insolitus

Blues isn't one for jokes.

Blues and Evan talking

Blues and Colonello plot to destroy the Lewis and Clark

Hey I'm Grouch, I'm not so grouch and we're the Para Grouches.

Blues is Mr.Fix-it


Messing with the Hulk, probably not a good idea.

A.I. Roll Call

Blues doesn't know how to deal with you North.

Church and Blues are morons... again.

Blues is gonna read some of Castle books.

Welcome to the Castle Raiden!

Go for the high score Mal!

Blues decides against telling Sophie about where babies come from.

Poor Church.

Poor Gold...

Talking with Evan about Kara leaving

Steampunk race planning!

Pestering York and Delta

Blues and Danny "talk"

Blues "missed" Zelos

Blues whistles a tune

Blues signs up to be a guard for the Clinic

Blues post. Sad robot in music room

Blues informs Martel he's alright

Blues informs Stephanie that Kara is gone.

Blues is a terrible liar, Once.

Blues is freakin' Bunny, give him some space! ...Actually don't give him space, he's had enough of that.

Blues on the Escape Escape Event Horizon Post

Event Horizon Final Boss Battle

Blues on Team 1 for Bombs, Day 4 of Event Horizon

Blues post for Day 3 on Event Horizon

He never ended up being much help to M.

Day two on the Event Horizon

He's on the crazy ship Evan

With Martel day one of Event Horizon

With Vriska day one of Event Horizon

With Kara day one of Event Horizon

He has a feeling Mom-ler is going to be a pain.

Blues doesn't want to go.

Thread with Lee

Thread with Cass on May Day

Blues on the May Day Post

...So 5, I hear you're human.

Meeting Rinzler


Telling Bruce Banner about Paradisa

Meeting Bladewolf

On letters you can't send with Matilda

Possible Archery Lessons with Clint

Conversation with Adam. Blues is no fun

Reply to Luke

Offering assistance with the Holo-deck

No puns Danny. You aren't Cut Man

Blues the mockingjay

Blues on possibly going to the potluck. He never went

Birthday blues with South

Toxic work environment with Boss Mabel

Blues post, In the laundry room!

Blues learns about the first gens from Brock

Blues and Q are jerks

Story time with Samkranti Clem

Molotov child loss

Meeting Zelos

Helping 5 On Samkranti

Talking with Once-ler.

Blues Samkranti log

Checking that Sophie's alright. ...Letting slip that he's okay too

Tim plays the "Fix the Power Core" card

Talk with Ino about the expedition

Helping Arrietty

Blues on the Quake

Blues meets Chie

Conversation about Brock's stuff being stolen

Possible spar with Cass

Blues and 5 chilling

Maladict on being bored


Sugar about the snow being gone.

Talking with Sherlock about being dead.

Easter thread with Church

Easter thread with Sophie

Blues argues with Felix

Training Easter Eggs.

Blues meets Naomi

Talking with M about Robots

Shego after Holly Peaks?

Conversation with Kara

Meeting Cass

York tells Blues about the Dead Zone

Dropping stuff off for 5

Explaining the Castle to Ed.

Ethics with Once-ler

Conversation with Hermione about enjoying Paradisa

Jamming with Evan

Conversation about Christmas with North

Conversation with Micheletto

Spar with Ino

Pie Day South

Pie Day Molotov

Pie Day Martel

Stories with Once-ler

Talk with Kimblee

Pictures with Moriarty

Vanyel Conversation

Talk with Bunnymund

Blues Post

Old Blues assaults Church

Blues Post, Still old!

Old Man Blues talking to Zelos after the event

Old Man Blues and Sophie

Old Man Blues and Evan

Escape from Holly Peaks

Holly Peaks Thread with Once-ler

Holly Peaks Day 1 Thread


Conversation with Kara

With Martel in the music room

Natasha after Valentines day.

Broken Filter with Moriarty

Sarcasm with Church!

Danny's broken filter.

Broken Filter Post

Blues and Korra.

Blues and Colonello

Blues and Tim

Blues and Sophie's friendship pact

Argument with Once-ler

With Once-ler on his loss.

Conversation with Duke

Talk with teenage Shego

Kiss from Black Widow.

Answering Mukuro Rokudo's question

Conversation with Eridan

Welcoming Castle to the Castle

Talk with Clem

Blues Valentines Day Post

Talk with Bunny on Valentines Day

Attempt to console Martel.

Falls victim to Danny's Ice Powers.

Talk with Sophie

Meeting Ino

Talk with Steph

Meeting Clint

Meeting Harper

At the shooting range.

Conversation with Will

Filter with Vriska


Kitten Molotov steals his scarf.

Meeting Drift

Ordering tools from Lloyd

Talking with Clem

Talk with Sophie.

Looking for repairs after fight with Wheatley.

Helping Danny

Meeting Bunny

Duet with Martel

Fight with Wheatley in Hank's body.

Meeting Tim Drake. (Knows him as Alvin Draper.)

Games with Spike.

Conversation with Kara

Cheering up Jennifer Keller

Filter with "Mr.Many"

Insolitus with Kara

Filter with Wheatley

"Cooking" with Sophie

Filter With Evan

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